"The Most Versatile Grooming Salon on Wheels "

"Dyna Groom Van" Standard Features

Customer Service

Marketing, Planning and Business Guide — Don't re-invent the wheel, use this reference guide for sample brochures, ads, and ideas. This guide will help establish your business and get you customers. Look to our 40 years of experience to jump start your business.


Mobile Groomer Locator- Wag'n Tails advertises on internet search engines with a zip code locator for pet owners to find your mobile business. Many of our customers are getting new business calls every day from the Wag'n Tails mobile groomer locator!


Owner/Operator Manual -Complete instructions on the use of your conversion elements.


Our 5-Year Warranty- is the best in the industry.


Dedicated customer service staff- for technical support, parts and warranty. Don't lose time and money over problems.


Financing- Assistance in obtaining financing for your Ultra Groom Van.



    One Piece to Ceiling 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Tub. This full size tub will hold the largest breed with room to spare and has double drains for uneven slopes.


    Stainless Steel Perforated Shelf in the tub raises the smallest dog 9" from the bottom of the tub, saving backaches at the end of the day from bending over.


    NEW! Wag'n Tails Smart Table. Never lift a large breed dog with our table-to-tub bridge that extends from under the table.


    Super Suds Bathing Unit (Standard) w/4.0 GPM pump saves time, money and water and is built into your tub for easy use. Water pressure is plentiful with this turbo charged pump.


    50 Gallon Fresh and 50 Gallon Gray Water Tanks . More than enough fresh water for you to complete your day and a holding tank for your dirty (gray) water.


    Chrome Single Lever Hot and Cold Water Demand Water System with 4.0 GPM Pump. Regulate the water temperature to perfection.


    Dirty Towel Laundry Chute is located in the tub. Keep dirty, wet, smelly towels out of your work area with this chute to a basket in the back of your unit.


    3-Speed Overhead Vent above the tub eliminates humidity with this powerful vent fan. Deluxe Vent Cover keeps leaves, debris and rain out of your vent with this exterior vent cover.




    NEW! Onan 7000 EFI Commercial Generator with 2 Year/2,000 hour limited warranty, along with 5-Year Drive Warranty –Provides 58.3 amps of consistent power; enough to operate all appliances-even the most powerful dryer equipped in your unit. Most importantly, you are totally self-contained without having to used customer power.




    Access your generator easily by the rear access door.


    Spiral Cell Auxiliary Battery-Spiral wound cell technology makes this battery TRUE maintenance free battery. This will ensure adequate power for the 12 Volt conversion equipment.


    110 Volt Converter with Battery Charger- keeps your auxiliary battery fully charged.


    110 Volt Electrical Service with GFI Protectionin work area. With 22 outlet receptacles you will never be disappointed looking for a place to plug in that extra appliance.


    Two Power Cord Connections for unit (Main and Air Conditioner). Used as a back up source. Vehicle comes with one 50’ heavy duty extension power cord and one adaptor.


    Climate control

    20,000 BTU LP Furnace with Thermostat. A powerful heating system for cold days. ( engine idling is not required.)


    15,000 BTU Low Profile Roof-mounted Dometic Air Conditioner with easy clean filters. You will appreciate the power. ( engine idling is not required.)







       Make Your Job Easier


    NEW! Wag’n Tails Smart Table  lowers to 16" and rises to 42".
    You can raise the largest dog with the heavy duty 250lb weight capacity.


    The table top also rotates at 180 degrees for convenience.


    Electric foot pedal for hands-free operation.


    Two-Motor High Velocity Dryer (17 amps) with its retractable hose has lots of power and will save you so much time every day. Power increases productivity with shorter drying times.


    Commercial Central Vacuum System with 10' Reinforced Hose. Clean up with our wet/dry vacuum system.

    Marine grade vinyl  interior accents in your choice of 18 colors gives your van personality. Marine vinyl is made for the wet humid environment.









    Insulated Water Lines prevent excess moisture from condensation.


    Easy Disconnect Water Lines require no special tools or adhesives to work with plumbing.


    Wide open access for plumbing lines. R. V. Tank Drain System makes draining your dirty water a breeze.


    Six Gallon LP / Electric Water Heater with electronic starter. LP is the fastest way to get water hot. The electric option is a backup system. ( engine idling is not required)


    7.9 Gal. LP Tank Mounted under chassis allows easy fill at any local facility.





    30' of New LED Lighting- Provides better efficiency (90% more than regular lighting), longevity and durability without sacrificing light quality.


    12V Access Lights in the cab, work area and equipment room provides auxiliary illumination. Open your doors to a lighted area. Exterior 12V light near water fill.






    Safety Features

    Sealed Safety Wall with Walk through door-Feel safe driving with a bulkhead wall for protection. It also keeps hair and moisture out of your driving area.

    Assist Handle for easy access.

    Fire Extinguisher


    Spare Parts Kit includes screws, a filter, switches and more. These parts will help eliminate downtime.


    Backup Alarm Beeper lets everyone know “I’m backing up” in congested areas.


    Stainless Steel Back-up Mirror(Standard) OR Optional back-up camera keeps sight of your back bumper when backing up in tight spots.



    LP, Water Tanks and Battery Monitoring Panel. This allows you to see the water, LP, and battery levels at the touch of a button, next to your tub.





    New! Optional 2nd Station (2nd Groomer or desktop area)

    Add an optional refrigerator  for lunch or drinks and add to your storage with multiple drawers. Measures 36" L X 23 1/2" W X 35" H


    Two Storage Boxes next to tub with hinged doors and padded seats stores your clean towels within reach of the tub. This spacious storage is within reach at all times.


    Phone & Computer Charging Station- with 12V and USB connections.


    Spacious Enclosed Storage Compartments on Driver Side Above the Grooming Table (Shown below) to keep all your product organized and hair free. Up to gallon sized shampoo will fit in this area. 85 ”W x 14 ”H x 7 ”D


    There is ample storage throughout the grooming area, all designed with your grooming day in mind.




















    Construction Details

    >This high roof allows 6'6" headroom accommodating the tallest pet stylist.  You won't feel boxed in!


    Commercial Grade Flooring (12-Year Warranty) The flooring is designed for a commercial grade work area. Chemical resistant, slip resistant(will not discolor like spray on flooring)and heat resistant. A bacteriostat is incorporated in the flooring to give the exposed surface excellent odor and mildew control.


    Marine Grade Sub Floor (12-year warranty) This flooring is special order for wet and humid commercial environments.


    High-Gloss White Formica Walls, Trim, ceiling and Bulkhead  is easy to clean and will look like new years from now. The white Formica reflects the light for optimum vision.


    Doors,ceiling and Walls are insulated with R-11 fiberglass insulation.


    Durable Running Boards give your van a great look and allows an extra step for access.



Vehicle Dimensions

10,360# Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)

9,038# Conversion Vehicle Weight (CVW)

Outside height 10'4" (includes AC unit)

Outside length 22'

Outside width 8' with mirrors fully extended


Inside sq ft 84.00'

Inside height 6'6"

Inside length 13'3"' from rear of seats

Inside width 6'

Base Pricing : Ford Transit High Roof Van and Standard Wag'n Tails Conversion

Standard Ford Transit 350 Equipment

Back Up Camera -Color Monitor In Rear View Mirror

Remote Keyless Entry (2 Key FOBS)

AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability

3.5L Ford Ecoboost V6 Engine with TurboCharger

195/75R16 BSW All-Season Tires

6 Speed Automatic Select Shift Transmission

50 State Emissions Compliance

260 Degree Rear Opening Cargo Doors

Power Locks and Windows

Second-Generation Driver and Front Passenger Airbags, with manual shut off for children in the passenger seat

10,360# GVWR to Support Conversion Weight

AM/FM Stereo w/ Clock

Dual Rear Tires

Transit 350 Optional Equipment- Included In Price Below

Vinyl Bucket Seats

Auxiliary Fuel Port for Generator

Exterior Upgrade Package-Chrome Grille and Upgraded Wheel Covers

Right Sliding Door W/Fixed Glass and Fixed Rear Glass



2017 Ford Transit 350 High Roof Van

*Price includes $1,000.00 Ford Commercial Upfit Rebate and $3,500.00 Ford Incentive Rebates


Standard Grooming Conversion w/ 7000 EFI Commercial Onan Generator

Call us to ask about our Diesel Engine and Generator Upgrade option at(800) 513-0304

Total Base Price $77,549.00

Add upgrades and/or additions to create final purchase price


Optional Equipment Details:


2000W Outback Inverter(5-Year Warranty)–
This powers low amperage items such as lights, clippers, vacuum, receipts and the Mini Clipper Vac to minimize generator and fuel usage during the grooming process. When the generator is running, your inverter is charging the AGM batteries. This inverter is totally sealed for the high moisture environment which will increase longevity.


(2) AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) Batteries-
Non-Spill able, no toxic gases and completely sealed for safety. AGM batteries are the most powerful and longest lasting batteries available today. No maintenance or distilled water refilling is required.



Optional 20W Roof Mounted Solar Panel shown above



Dyna Groom Van Available Options

15" Flat Screen LCD TV w/Fold-Out Bracket This will allow you to watch you favorite show while you work. Just fold the TV back when accessing storage area. If stereo is purchased with the TV you can use stereo speakers for audio.

Premium Rear Stereo System with AM/FM/CD /Blue Tooth/Sirius Satellite Radio(Must Call To Activate)/ Marine Cover
Two Speakers/Custom Cabinet

Listen to your music while you work with this premium sound system. This system is built into your custom cabinet. This looks clean and professional, just what you would expect from Wag'n Tails. Go to www.sirius.com for more information.
DVD Player Watch breed technique videos while you work.
Mini Clipper Vac /Extra 10 Foot Crushproof Hose/Remote Switch/Floor Locks The vacuum lift on the hair helps you go through tangles and under mats, removing fleas, dander and hair. This unit makes you more productive. It extends blade life by up to 80%. No more repeat clipping.  A professional
pet stylist must-have!
2nd Three-Speed Overhead Vent/Deluxe Vent Cover This additional overhead vent fan adds to the ventilation on humid days. You can never have too much ventilation
Anti-Freeze System This added system will insure no freezing in Northern climates. Non-toxic anti-freeze is used with this pet friendly system. This back-up system will
prevent freezing on 90% of your plumbing.
Kool Dry Variable Speed Dryer with Variable Speed Remote For those multiple dog households, dry two dogs at the same time. The variable speed allows you adjust the power by turning a dial. Don't worry about power, our generator allows you to run both dryers
at the same time.
Graphics Consulting/Materials/Application Our in-house marketing specialist will help you from start to finish with colorful signage. You unit will become a traveling billboard on wheels!
5.6" Color Back-up Monitor/Camera
Installed on Rear of Unit
Your flat screen monitor located in the sun visor comes on automatically when putting your unit in reverse. Have confidence when backing up your unit.


2000W Outback Inverter/ (2) Briefcased Sized AGM Maintenance -Free Batteries/Installation

This addition creates a hybrid power system along with the Onan 7000 generator that saves fuel and generator maintenance, especially in northern climates. The batteries supply power for all equipment except the AC unit and the high velocity dryers. The inverter is totally sealed for longevity in high moisture environments.

20W Solar Panel Mounted on Roof/Monitor Panel in Grooming Area Create power from the sun to charge your 12v batteries. The monitor in the grooming area shows the amount of power being generated. $439.00
Norcold AC/DC Refrigerator (Requires 2nd Groom Station purchase)

Keep your lunch and drinks cold with this refrigerator. It operates automatically with AC or DC power.

2nd Grooming Station, Located Under Drivers Side Window in Grooming Area

Add a 2nd grooming station to maximize your work area for multiple pet stylists. Can also be used as a desk for more storage.