In the picture to the left, you are looking toward the front of the vehicle. There is an abundance of storage for towels, shampoo and equipment, all in convenient locations. Large windows bring in natural light for detailed scissoring. The AC/DC refrigerator and microwave are standard features on the Pet Stylist Elite.

In this picture you are looking back toward the rear of the vehicle. In the far right corner you can see the door to the bathroom. There is plenty of space to work and move around the table. Located on the right is the second grooming area that can also be used as a desk. The full size tub makes large pets a breeze and the table-to-tub ramp is a standard feature.

The large 16-gauge stainless steel tub is custom made for Wag'n Tails customers. It includes double drains for uneven parking surfaces. The latest addition is the raised shelf for small breed dogs. The shelf then lowers to the bottom of the tub to accommodate large breeds.
Shown here is the private enclosed bathroom, only available in the Pet Stylist Elite. The bathroom includes a mirrored medicine cabinet, stainless steel sink, and our standard Porta Potti. An RV style toilet with a 16-gallon waste tank is available upon request.
The "Equipment Room" located in the back of the Pet Stylist Elite is professionally finished. There is convenient access to all plumbing, appliances, and electrical through easily removed access panels. Electrical boxes and wiring are recessed in the wall for safety. Separating the grooming salon and bathing area from the "Equipment Room" is important to reduce appliance noise and keep the hair and moisture from damaging your appliances. Convenient hooks are placed on the wall for extra cords and hoses. Optional equipment like the Mini Clipper Vac and Cosmos Shampoo System are located in this area.