Safety is, and will always be our #1 concern when designing, producing and refining our vehicles. We can proudly stand on our record. We have over 1400 units on the road and we have never had a significant safety issue with any of them. We even devote a section of each of our model’s web page to safety related items. We feature safety as much as our excellent customer service or the other features and benefits our vehicles provide the groomer as testimony to our dedication to your safety.

Wag’n Tails is a listed manufacturer with NHTSA. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is the governing body for vehicle manufacturers and converters. We comply with all of their wide variety of requirements.

If you want to research which converters are listed just go here: and do a search using the grooming van converters name.

We also are a certified exporter and are registered and recognized by TC (Transport Canada). The process of certifying with them is also a very involved process and some of their standards even exceed those of NHTSA. We build each vehicle to comply with both NHTSA and TC standards and we use the stricter standard of the two when they differ.

Wag’n Tails complies with all required safety standards set out by the FMVSS here in the U.S. The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards comprise a wide range of requirements that cover the entire vehicle and everything we do to it.

We meet or exceed these required standards of the FMVSS on every vehicle. For example, these standards include items like:

  • Fuel system integrity (Standard #301)

  • Flammability (Standard #302)

  • Noise emissions (Standard #1106)

NHTSA and FMVSS are the federal agencies that Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Mercedes and all the vehicle companies sold in the U.S.A. must comply with. We think if those standards are tough enough for them, they’re tough enough for Wag’n Tails.

To ensure FMVSS compliance, our practices are verified by Progressive Engineering, Inc. (, an independent testing laboratory with customers all across the United States. Progressive was founded in 1979 and their accreditations include ISO Guide 17020 and 17025 for independent testing laboratories and quality control inspection agencies.


Endurance Sprinter being tested at Progressive Engineering

In addition to FMVSS standards verification, Progressive Engineering also conducts other tests on our vehicles that go beyond any governmental mandates. They perform center of gravity testing, axle weights in relation to axle weight ratings, weight compliance tests at all 4 wheels, and overall weight compliance in accordance with weight ratings of the vehicles.

Pet Pro Van undergoing center of gravity testing at Progressive Engineering.

As far as we can determine, we are the only grooming van converter that takes this very expensive, very time consuming extra step to be completely sure our vehicles are as safe as we can make them for our owners.

We order our vans from OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) suppliers like Ford and Mercedes/Freightliner with maximum Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings (GVWR) and maximum Gross Axle Weight Ratings (GAWR) to ensure safety and longevity. We build on Ford E350, E450 and Sprinter 3500 chassis for a good reason. The payload capacity is absolutely crucial to building a safe van. You can’t just take any old van and convert it to a grooming van. All vans are not created equal! Lesser vans like E150’s or 2500’s are not designed to carry the weight of a tub and a table and hundreds of pounds of water and…you get the idea. Lighter chassis just aren’t safe and that’s why we won’t build on them.

The fuel pick up line that provides gasoline from the van gasoline tank to the generator is installed by the OEM and meet all governmental safety standards. Tapping into the fuel tank by amateurs is not only dangerous; it can, and usually will void the manufacturers warranty.

Our Onan generators are installed by Onan Indiana technicians in Elkhart, IN. They are a “factory” Onan store meaning they are actually owned by Cummins, Inc. They have the highest level of expertise, training and true engineering talent so we’re sure we get the optimum installation of their products in our vans. That’s another step we take to make our grooming vans the best available.

In the case of our Pet Pro van, we replace any body structural integrity lost when the van roof is removed with 1” X 3” steel structure to compensate. This steel cage runs the length of the roof opening on both sides of the van. It is then tied together with 1” angle iron across the top of the roof line to ensure structural reliability of the van body. That’s just one more way to ensure safety and longevity of our products.

Hi-Top steel structure being installed along the original roof line on Pet Pro. (driver's side)

All installed appliances meet or exceed their particular industry standards like Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Cutting corners to save a dollar or two is never an option at Wag’n Tails. Safety is never compromised—EVER!

Our electrical systems including wiring, outlets, lighting, etc. meet or exceed NEC standards. The National Electrical Code sets the strictest codes in the country so we choose to use their standards. Since the grooming vehicle is in motion and subject to vibration and movement, wire insulation can wear away and cause an electrical short circuit or worse.  That’s why our wiring is run through conduit to prevent any chafing of the insulation and where needed, marine grade wiring specs are used so those wiring issues aren’t a concern with our grooming vehicles.

GFI (Ground Fault Interrupt) circuits are used throughout our vehicles. In the moisture laden environment of the grooming salon it is critical to use GFI circuits. Water and electricity just don’t mix! In addition, all of our outlets and circuits are amperage rated to their individual appliances. For example, our K9II dryer has a maximum draw of 18 amps so it’s mated to a 20 amp outlet and circuit. All appliances are fused (12 volt) or tied in to a residential type circuit breaker system (120 volt).

Shown Below: 20 amp dryer circuit.  Note "T" slot in dryer outlet.
With respect to our pre-owned vans we have for sale, we leave no stone unturned there either. When one of our clients trades in their van for a new Wag’n Tails, we have a strict procedure in place to check not only safety related concerns but operational, wear and tear, and functional issues with the van chassis and the conversion. To see our pre-owned vans and to see what is done to them prior to our selling them, go to the link below and browse our inventory.

I hope this article gives you some insight into what we do and why we do all these things that make our company and our products unique in the grooming van world. Keep in mind, we are much more than a grooming vehicle manufacturer, we also provide each of our clients with an easy to do, step by step business model to ensure their success. Our nearly 40 years of experience has developed and refined this “Mobile Success Guide” and our over 1400 successful owners can attest to its effectiveness.