Trailer FAQs

About us

First, a brief discussion of the Wag'n Tails philosophy is in order. Why? Because how a company conducts itself says a lot about their integrity and dependability. We don't use smoke and mirrors at Wag'n Tails! All of our grooming vehicles, including our trailers are ready to groom pets and make you money without having to buy any additional options or so called “upgrades”.

We don't do the “you need to upgrade” game where we charge extra for a decent flooring material or good cabinets or a correctly sized generator or...OK, you get the idea. Each one is complete when you get it and it will last for years. In fact, every Wag'n Tails we have ever built is still out there grooming pets and earning a great living for it's owner.

A standard Wag'n Tails is ready to go when it rolls off the end of our production line. You don't have to rebuild it when you get it home, either. Quality is engineered and built into every single Wag'n Tails Trailer, Pet Pro Van and Pet Stylist Elite.

With nearly 1600 mobiles in the hands of our customers worldwide, we get to rely on them and our founder, Groomer of the Century, Dina Perry, to continuously refine and improve the breed. That's how we're confident, and that's how you can rest assured you're getting the best the mobile grooming industry has to offer!

We build every Wag'n Tails to last and they really do last. Ask anyone who owns one and they'll tell you why we are the best in the business. We build a vastly superior product, we have unmatched customer service, unbeatable warranty coverage plus the very best support for the vehicle and your mobile grooming business. We won’t cut corners when it comes to your business!

Here's an important point to consider that directly relates to our integrity: If you have a Wag'n Tails, you are in our family and we will take care of you! Our support is not limited to product support; we'll also offer you business advice. It really doesn't matter if you bought it from us or from one of our 1600 owners. Try to think of any other company that makes any product; be it grooming vehicles, baby strollers or computers, that sincerely wants to provide that kind of support to every owner!

If you have a Wag'n Tails, we are here for your support. We even encourage anyone who buys one of our vehicles from a private seller to contact us and register with us so we can transfer the vehicle history to the new owner and add them to our wildly effective groomer locator system to drive more business to them.

OK, now on to the FAQ information!


Are your trailers insulated?

Our trailer walls are insulated with a very dense, closed cell foam to maximize heating and cooling efficiency and to minimize condensation. In a Wag'n Tails trailer, you won't be working in a rain forest with condensation dripping from the walls and ceiling. Keeping the salon at a comfortable temperature is easy because the insulation keeps the heat out in the summer and the cold out in the winter. The walls are laminated in 5 separate layers and bonded together to form a solid single piece. The interior skin is smooth, white metal for excellent lighting and easy clean up. The exterior is low maintenance, high gloss fiberglass.

How does the generator operate?

First of all, the generator has the capacity to operate all the electrical equipment in the trailer at the same time. No upgrade needed! Underpowered generators have to work harder, burn more fuel and have shorter lives. Our generator operates from gasoline held in a 20 gallon fuel cell that is separate and apart from generator. Just drive into the gas station and fill up just like you do with your car.

You don't have to worry about a dangerous fire hazard when pouring gas into a gas tank attached to a hot generator. Generator mounted tanks are not only dangerous when refilling, they really don't hold much gasoline. With a Wag'n Tails, you won't be adding gasoline every couple or three grooms. Also, you don't need to carry a big gasoline can, a funnel and a bunch of rags to operate your generator.


Is the generator too loud for residential areas?

Many generators out there certainly are but ours aren't! Our Onan 7000 generator puts out only 69 decibels which is equivalent to an average radio being played. It is mounted inside an insulated box which makes it even quieter so you will barely hear it inside the trailer, and your customers and their neighbors won't be bothered either.

You can find cheaper construction type generators that are mounted on the tongue of some trailers but they were at least 20 times louder than the Onan making them equal to a police siren. Definitely too loud for any neighborhood!

What about getting my generator serviced?

Onan has literally hundreds of service centers in the US compared to an unknown number for the other construction type generators. Odds are very good that you have one or more Onan service centers very near you. I'm sorry but I didn't want to spend months trying to see how many lawn mower repair centers there are that can work on the engine and the electronics of a construction site generator. Not many, I promise you that!

Why do you only build on one trailer?

7 X 14 feet is the right size because you not only need space to groom, you need freedom to move around to reduce fatigue and eliminate any claustrophobic feel. Remember, you'll spend hours in it every day and you won't want to feel like you're grooming in a closet. Our trailer remains very maneuverable without sacrificing space since storage is paramount for the mobile groomer. You can carry everything you need in the trailer and leave your vehicle cab available for your appointment book, paperwork and other mobile office items.

Why does your trailer have 2 axles?

Dual axles are critical for long life because each axle is asked to carry less weight and the weight is more evenly distributed. Stability is improved because dual axle trailers have less sway and more even weight distribution.

Another important consideration (like every other vehicle we build) is safety. Safety is enhanced not only because of improved stability but also because a tire failure is less critical with 3 good tires to compensate for the damaged one.

How is the trailer constructed?

The trailer itself starts with a 6” I-Beam main frame and a 13 gauge steel framed floor with joists on 24” centers. The walls and roof have steel studs on 16” centers. This adds up to a long life and a solid foundation. We could save money with a lesser trailer but ours are built to last and last. A heavy duty, specially treated, marine grade sub-floor is then covered with industrial flooring that has a 12 year warranty. The flooring material is impregnated with a bacterial suppressing agent to eliminate the formation mold and mildew. Coved corners during the install process ensures that no water can reach the sub-floor.

We use this industrial grade flooring product because household linoleum won't hold up to the heavy commercial use of the mobile grooming environment. Because linoleum is primarily designed to look pretty in your bathroom and last a few years, we won't use it.

How are your cabinets constructed?

All cabinets are made of high grade laminate and covered on both sides with Formica to seal out all moisture. All exposed edges are covered with bulb seal or “T” molding to eliminate moisture wicking.

All cabinets are attached at multiple points into 3/8” ply screwed to steel wall studs in order to eliminate loose cabinets and to ensure longevity. You won't be walking inside the trailer to find cabinets laying on the floor in a Wag'n Tails.

Particle board was never even considered for the moisture laden environment of the grooming salon because it will disintegrate quickly when exposed to moisture. And particle board really does disintegrate when it gets wet. After all, it's just sawdust mixed with glue and pressed flat into a “board”.

On a side note: Our skilled craftsmen and women are the best in the business. Each and every skilled member of our team has years of experience in their craft. Most of them have been with us since we began exclusively building grooming vehicles way back in the nineties. There are none finer and we are constantly impressed with their work. Like you, they deservedly take a great deal pride in what they do and it shows in each and every Wag'n Tails!

Do you do any trailer specific engineering?

We engineer and test all of our products, trailers included, to meet all National Highway Traffic Safety Standards, national plumbing and electrical codes, materials safety standards and fuel system and generator safety standards. Is that important to us? Yes and it should be your first consideration when you are looking at a grooming trailer, too. Safety has never been, nor will it ever be an afterthought at Wag'n Tails.

Do you use lesser equipment in the trailer as compared to your vans?

Absolutely not! Just because it's a trailer does not mean that the owner isn't deserving of the most reliable and efficient tools necessary to do the job. Equipment standards, construction materials, quality control, reliability benchmarks, our famous Wag'n Tails warranty-you name it, they are all constants no matter which of our products you choose to earn your living in.

What do you do to improve reliability and reduce downtime?

When you've operated a fleet of 22 vans, you learn a great deal about how this business works and the importance of minimizing down time. It's the biggest difficulty a mobile groomer will ever face. It's just not worth it to cut corners on materials and equipment. We use the finest materials and the best equipment available—from dryers to the bathing system to the grooming table and all throughout the trailer. In addition, all major critical systems have built in redundancy so if a necessary system goes down, there is a backup system ready to go so you continue to do your job.


To do this right—to make a trailer we will both be proud of; to build a safe piece of equipment; to furnish an efficient and professional trailer; to bring an outstanding product to the market; to sell a product we stand behind 100%; to offer the no nonsense warranty we do is no easy task. It's not child's play. It's not done on a whim. It's not a “slap it together and sell it” proposition to us. It's about quality. It's about craftsmanship. It's about the bond of trust our Wag'n tails owners place in us through our products every day. We take that bond of trust very, very seriously.

As the saying goes, “this ain't our first rodeo”. We've literally been there and done that. Forty years, several salons, multiple pet resorts, an accredited grooming academy, a 22 van fleet and almost 1600 customers help you learn this business very thoroughly. Trust Wag'n Tails to be the best partner to get your new mobile grooming business up and running. We put dreams in motion every day. Your turn can be today!

Call us at 800-513-0304 or visit us on the web at and we'll answer all the questions that aren't frequently asked!