"Ultra Groom Van"
Frequently Asked Questions


When Wag'n Tails introduces a new model of grooming van, we always like to get feedback from owners of our vans and from groomers in general. With that in mind, we present the most frequently asked questions about the all new Wag'n Tails Ultra Groom.


Why the Dodge ProMaster chassis?

The ProMaster has many attributes that make it an ideal platform for a grooming van. The two that stood out to us the most were fuel efficiency and low cost of ownership. Owners are reporting mileage in the 16-17 MPG range, which is fantastic when you consider that it uses regular unleaded gasoline. That puts it on par with our Endurance Sprinter van. Keeping your costs of operation low means more money in your pocket and facts like 10,000 mile oil change intervals will do just that!

Stack on top of those qualities with even more positive attributes like performance brakes normally found on high end sports cars, "Best In Class" 36 foot turning radius for maneuverability, excellent payload capacity, wider door opening and high roof easier ingress/egress (no need to duck your way in), straight sides makes it much more spacious and front wheel drive for great traction.

Since this is a new van, is this an unproven Dodge model?

The ProMaster has been around for many years in Europe as the Fiat Ducato. In fact, it's been popular in Europe for decades, over 4.5 million sold and in its 3rd generation, it is a proven winner! Our version, the ProMaster, is built in North America. It uses the venerable Chrysler Pentastar V-6 engine found in millions of Chrysler products and it's mated to a sweet shifting 6 speed automatic transmission. Dodge has the confidence to adorn the Ultra Groom with a 5 year, 100,000 mile powertrain warranty in addition to the 3 year, 36,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty. Drive with confidence in the new Wag'n Tails Ultra Groom.

Why is front wheel drive important?

First and foremost, for any of you that have to drive in rain and especially for you in the northern climates, better traction in slippery conditions! Winter and wet roadways are hard enough for a mobile groomer so anything that makes it easier is a huge benefit!

Because the engine is transverse mounted, it frees up room in the cab. There is no engine hump that sticks out between the seats like other vans. The feeling of open space in the cab is great and it makes it much easier to access the salon through the door in the bulkhead wall that separates the cab and the salon.

Since the front wheel drive eliminates the transmission hump, driveshaft, rear differential and rear drive axles, the van is lighter. That equates to more fuel efficiency, higher carrying capacity and the thing we know you'll really appreciate, a lower cargo area floor. The lower floor means a smaller step into the salon for you and your 4 legged clients.

Finally, the transverse mounted engine enables a wide-angle view from the cab for the driver. It makes you feel like you're riding a lot higher in the air than you really are. The visibility from the cab is outstanding!

The Ultra Groom is built on 2500 chassis and you always said that they aren't heavy duty enough with your other grooming vans.what gives?

This is another happy surprise Dodge gave us when we began studying the preliminary weights and measures well over a year ago. The 2500 has as much carrying capacity as other 3500 class vans. Part of it is the FWD saving weight in the back of the van but there's more to it than that.

The Dodge ProMaster chassis has an integrated reinforced subframe that runs the length of the van which is lighter and stronger than a tube steel frame. It has a heavy-duty rail system that stretches from bumper to bumper that's light and stiff to add strength. These elements combine to give ProMaster rates best in class for cargo capacity.

Is it a Wag'n Tails?

The Ultra Groom is 100% Wag'n Tails and it's built to the same exacting standards as our other awesome products including National Electric Code, Underwriter's Laboratories standards, Standardized Plumbing Code, etc.

Design, layout, location of appliances; virtually every piece you will rely on every day was designed by groomers for groomers. We listened to our 2000+ owners and we had it certified by the godmother of mobile grooming and the Groomer of the Century, Dina Perry, a mobile groomer with over 40 years of experience in mobile grooming, the founder of Wag'n Tails and the woman widely considered to be the originator of the mobile grooming industry!

Of course, it's been thoroughly tested by Progressive Engineering, Inc. just like all of our other models. Progressive Engineering enables us to ensure all weight, balance and center of gravity requirements are met. They also make sure that all National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) are adhered to.


Does anyone else go to such great lengths to ensure the safety of their owners?


Why does the Ultra Groom use LED lighting?

The biggest advantage to LED strips is to reduce shadowing. Our Cree LED technology is brighter and unlike old LED technology that looks like a spot light, these lights radiate light broadly to kill shadows and dark areas. Plus they last longer, use less energy and don't add heat to the grooming environment.

Why is the cabinetry design different in the Ultra Groom?

Slider cabinet--Our owners asked us for an easy way to access combs, brushes, blades, clippers and other high use tools that didn't leave them exposed to the harsh grooming environment all day long. We were able to add a slide out cabinet that keeps the tools protected, it's easy to access and takes up miniscule floor space.

Enclosed Overhead Cabinets-Located along the driver's side ceiling in the salon area, you have ample room for storage and the clear fronts allow you to easily identify the product you need next. While still within easy reach, items inside are away from the hair, dander and moisture so you save clean up time every day.


Why is there a locking cabinet in overhead?

This is another good example of Wag'n Tails implementing a suggestion from our owner body. Our owners asked us for a lockable compartment inside the salon. They needed a place for a phone, MP3 player, purse, wallet, I Pad, cash and other valuables. It's lighted when the door opens and it includes dual USB ports for charging or listening through the optional premium stereo system..


What prompted you to add the first aid kits?

Yet another suggestion from our owner body was to provide a kit for accidents. Inspired by adding one for people, we asked ourselves, what about one for the pets, too? We listened to you and us, so we added a first aid cabinet that has one kit for humans and another kit designed specifically for our furry friends.


Can I still have a Clipper Vac and an inverter?

Absolutely! The Ultra Groom is available with of our most popular options so you don't have to compromise. The TV, DVD player, stereo, 2nd overhead vent, anti-freeze system, Kool Dry dryer, backup camera solar panel and of course, graphics are all available.

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