In picture to the left, you are looking toward the front of the grooming area. There is an abundance of space and a walk through door to the driving area. The bulkhead between the grooming area and driving area is totally sealed. The large tinted window provides additional natural lighting. The cabinets above hold a up to a gallon jug and are enclosed to avoid frequent cleaning.

In this picture you are looking from the sliding entry door toward the rear grooming area. Plenty of work space to move around and great lighting is reflected by the white high gloss walls and ceiling. The high gloss formica walls make cleaning easy. The standard anti-skid gray flooring is chemical resistant and carries a 12 year warranty. The full size tub makes large pets a breeze and the slide out table bridge eliminates lifting large breeds.

The 16-gauge stainless steel tub is custom made for Wag'n Tails customers. This includes our standard Super Sudser bathing system and double drains for uneven parking surfaces. New Wag'n Tails Smart Electric table is also standard.
1. This table lowers to 16" and raises to 42"(lifts up to 250lbs).
2. The table top rotates 180 degrees for stress free grooming.
3. It also features a pull out bridge to walk larger dogs from the table to the tub.
The Onan 7000 Commercial Generator is conveniently accessible inside the rear doors of the Ultra Groom Van. Three layers of sound proofing insulation minimize noise to be virtually non-existent (below 60 dB at 10ft). Onan is the leader in mobile power generators with the largest network of dealers throughout the world.
The "Equipment Room" located in the back of the Ultra Groom Van is completely finished in high gloss formica and marine grade vinyl. There is convenient access to all plumbing, appliances, and electrical through easily removable access panels. Electrical boxes and wiring are recessed in the wall for safety. Separating the "Grooming Salon" from the "Equipment Room" is important to reduce appliance noise and keep hair and moisture from damaging your appliances over time.