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How do I make a profit in a Wag’n Tails grooming van?
Estimated Monthly Overhead: Ultra Groom Van
Groomer Speak
Vehicle and Generator Fuel


5.3 Dogs

Vehicle & Business Insurance


2.7 Dogs
Wag’n Tails Ultra Groom Van Payment


16.7 Dogs
Supplies (after initial purchase)


1.1 Dogs
Maintenance (oil changes, etc)


1.3 Dogs
Phone (business line or cell)


1.3 Dogs

28 Dogs
    (1.3 Dogs per day)

Can you groom 31 dogs in a month, at a minimum of $75 per dog?

You only have to groom 1.3 dogs per day to break even. Every dog you do beyond that goes straight to your
bottom line!

Gross Monthly Income

Averaging only 6 dogs per day at $75 per dog, and working 5 days per week(22 day month), you will be generating $9,900 per month or $118,800 annually. Subtract your overhead and your gross profit would be $7,755 per month or $93,300 per year plus tips!

Are you making this income right now? Are you setting your own hours?
You could be!