Ways to Decorate Your Wag’n Tails Groom Van

As a groomer, your creative flair is your superpower, shining brightest through your unique grooms. Whether it’s the freedom of a client saying, “Surprise me!” or the thrill of competitive grooming shows, your creativity knows no bounds.

Yet, for many mobile groomers, the canvas for their creativity extends beyond the fur. Transforming their grooming vans into rolling works of art becomes a captivating way to catch the eye of potential clients. After all, who can resist the allure of a moving billboard?

But it’s not just about grabbing attention; it’s about crafting an experience. The interior of your van becomes a reflection of your personality and professionalism, inviting clients into a space that’s not only yours but also enjoyable for them. What better way to express that entrepreneurial spirit than through the design of your grooming van?

So, how do you make your groom van stand out from the pack? Let’s explore some of the most exciting ways to decorate and personalize your mobile grooming sanctuary.



Graphics on the outside of the van are a great way for mobile groomers to show their creativity or their brand. Everyone’s logo represents either themselves or their business. Here at Wag’n Tails, we have a graphics department that is more than willing to design and install your logo on your groom van. 

Below are a few photos of our favorite designs that our graphic design team has designed or just installed. You can even have someone else create your design! We will install it. 

Please note: Wag’n Tails Mobile Conversions® does not install vehicle wraps.

Accent Vinyl Colors

When building your groom van, you have the option through Wag’n Tails to choose what vinyl color for the interior of your van. Which color best represents your brand or you as a person? We offer colors like pewter gray, candlelight tan, crimson red, rosalee pink, indigo, mediterranean blue, grape, or dark sky!

Interior Logo Stickers

Your grooming van isn’t just a vehicle—it’s your mobile salon, your workspace on wheels. And just like any brick-and-mortar salon, it should reflect your brand and style. One standout way to personalize your groom van is by having your logo installed right in the interior. 

Imagine stepping into your van and being greeted by your logo prominently displayed on the wall—it’s not just a decoration, it’s a statement. It tells your clients that they’re in the right place, that they’re about to receive top-notch care from a professional who takes pride in their work.

At Wag’n Tails, we understand the importance of branding. That’s why we offer logo installation services specifically tailored for grooming vans.

Having your logo inside your grooming van isn’t just about aesthetics—it’s also about marketing. Every time you open your doors, you’re showcasing your brand. It’s a subtle yet powerful way to build brand recognition and attract new clients.

But it’s not just about impressing clients—it’s also about creating a space that inspires you. Seeing your logo every day can remind you why you started this business, renewing your passion and motivation.

Wallpaper or Backsplash

As a dog groomer, your van is your mobile workspace, and just like any brick-and-mortar salon, it should reflect your personality and professionalism. One fantastic way to spruce up your grooming van is by adding a backsplash or wallpaper.

Think about it: a sleek, stylish backsplash can instantly elevate the look of your grooming area. It adds a pop of color or texture that can completely transform the space. From vibrant patterns to subtle neutrals, there’s a backsplash option to suit every aesthetic.

If you prefer a softer touch, consider wallpaper. By choosing a washable and durable wallpaper, you can effortlessly enhance the look of your grooming van without sacrificing practicality.

When selecting a backsplash or wallpaper, keep your clientele in mind. Are you catering to pampered pooches and their posh owners? Opt for luxe materials like marble or metallic accents. Are you more focused on practicality for working dogs? Choose durable, easy-to-clean materials that can withstand daily wear and tear.

No matter your style or budget, adding a backsplash or wallpaper to your groom van is a simple yet impactful way to create a welcoming and professional atmosphere for both you and your furry clients.

Colored LED Light Strips

Another way that our groomers like to make their grooming van theirs, is to add their own colored LED light strips. You may not want to use them during your groom, but it can be a cool way to greet your customers or even great to have on when you’re tidying up at the end of the day. 


Shower Curtain

Adding a shower curtain can be an added backdrop when taking photos of your finished grooms! From ones with your brand name on it, to floral designs, or anything that represents you!

Sarah Gray