The mobile pet grooming opportunity is enormous.

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Did you know?

Pet grooming salons are more effective in expanding their service radius with a mobile offering.

Significantly increase your earnings potential!

As a mobile pet groomer with a Wag’n Tails vehicle, you will have the necessary equipment and support to transform both your career and checking account. Whether you are starting your own business or adding mobile services to an established business, a pet groomer can earn more than 3x their income with a mobile grooming salon. How is this possible? Well, it’s actually quite simple: less expense plus more revenue equals greater earnings. Going mobile significantly reduces your grooming salon overhead expenses. And because of the better experience for pets as well as the convenience it affords to pet parents, clients are willing to pay more for mobile pet grooming services.

Did you know?

Clients are willing to pay significantly more for mobile pet grooming services because it saves them time.

The future for mobile pet groomers is extremely bright.

According to the most recent American Pet Products Association’s National Pet Owners Surveys, there are approximately 63.4 million households in the U.S. with at least one dog and 89.7 million total dogs. There are also about 42.7 million households in the U.S. with at least one cat and 94.2 million total cats. Going mobile empowers pet groomers to better serve pets, pet parents, and themselves. A mobile pet grooming salon leads to reduced stress and anxiety for pets, more convenience and time for pet parents, and greater earnings potential and scheduling flexibility for pet groomers.

Pet grooming is an incredibly important type of preventative healthcare for pets. Bathing, hair cutting, nail clipping, ears and eyes cleaning, teeth brushing, flea and tick treatment, etc. are all hygienic care services that can significantly impact the wellness of a pet. As pet parents become more aware of the preventative healthcare benefits of pet grooming as well as the many advantages that mobile pet grooming provides, they will increasingly seek out pet groomers best capable of meeting their needs. The Covid-19 pandemic has only accelerated this growing trend. As a pet groomer or business owner, how are you positioning yourself or your business for future growth and success?

Crunching the Numbers

Breakeven monthly on your 27th dog, at a minimum of $130 per dog within the first week. The other three weeks are your profit.

Averaging 6 dogs per day at $130 per dog and working 5 days per week (22 days per month), you will generate $17,160 monthly or $205,920 annually. Subtract your overhead expenses and your profit would be $13,744 per month or $164,928 per year plus tips!

Are you making this income right now? Are you setting your own hours? You could be!

Item Accountant Speak Groomer Speak
Fuel Cost Average $395 3 Dogs
Vehicle & Business Insurance $200 1.5 Dogs
Wag'n Tails Quantum Groom Van Payment $2,541 19.5 Dogs
Supplies (after initial purchase) $80 .6 Dogs
Maintenance (oil changes, etc) $100 .8 Dogs
Phone (Business Line or cell) $100 .8 Dogs
Monthly Totals $3,416 26.2 Dogs

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“I have owned my Wag’n Tails Pet Stylist Elite for over two years. I have a waiting list of new clients and plan to buy my second Pet Stylist Elite this year. My Wag’n Tails vehicle conveys the professional image that clients appreciate and have come to expect from my premium at-home grooming service.”

Nicole Roma

“Being a mobile groomer is great for numerous reasons. Some of the top benefits for me are: setting my own hours, working when I want to, and making as much money as I need. Another big plus is that the Pet Stylist Elite is really fun to drive!”

Denise Davis

“There is life after the salon! My Wag’n Tails vehicle has proven to me that there is indeed life after the salon. I have rediscovered my craft in a relaxed and stress-free atmosphere, and I can now give my full attention to the pets in my care and their owners rather than to the ringing phones, client distractions, or daily commotion of a busy salon.”

Teri DiMarino

“When I was 19 years old, I told my parents that I wanted to be a dog groomer. They told me to go out and get a real job. Well, after 20 years in corporate accounting, I spent my bonus on grooming school and now I have my very own mobile pet grooming business. I guess that I finally have a ‘real job’. I wish that I had done it 20 years ago.”

Julie Beeman
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