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No, you will not have to make any monthly payments before your Wag’n Tails pet grooming vehicle is ready for delivery. Wag’n Tails understands how important cash flow is when starting a new business or growing an existing business. We typically always have an inventory of vehicles on our lot ready for customization, but it’s best to call 800-513-0304 to inquire about the current lead time and vehicle availability.

All of our pet grooming customers receive a mobile pet grooming business success guide. This guide is a time-tested and proven educational resource that teaches pet groomers how to build a successful mobile business. It includes valuable information ranging from pricing strategy to client scheduling and rebooking best practices, marketing and sales techniques, budgeting, vehicle maintenance, and so much more. Wag’n Tails also provides business consulting services to customers in need of additional support. Our mission is to help mobile pet care professionals be successful, and our customers have an excellent track record of achieving their personal and professional goals.

On average, a mobile pet groomer with a Wag’n Tails vehicle charges between 25-50% more than a pet groomer working in a brick-and-mortar salon. However, the pricing premium could be higher or lower than the average depending on the demographics of your local market. Mobile pet grooming clients are more than willing to pay a premium because mobile services are convenient and time-saving for them and better for their pet(s).

On average, a mobile pet groomer with a Wag’n Tails vehicle grooms about 6 dogs per day. A mobile pet groomer can afford to groom fewer pets daily because a comparable level of revenue can be generated through premium pricing for mobile services. Furthermore, many mobile pet grooming clients have multi-pet households, which helps with both travel efficiency and work productivity and often leads to more meaningful time with pets/parents and improved work-life balance for mobile pet groomers.

This is a lesson that we learned through years of experience. Large commercial vans are designed to carry the loads needed for mobile pet grooming services. They have better suspension than lighter vans and are designed specifically for heavy-duty loads. With the generator and other conversion elements, you need a van that will withstand years of use. One-ton vans are necessary for the durability and longevity of your pet grooming vehicle.

Certainly. Wag’n Tails has designed pet grooming vehicles that we think are both highly efficient and a pleasure to work in. However, no two pet groomers are alike, so changes to many features are available. An extra charge may apply though depending on the customization.

Yes, we have several financing sources available. You can finance or lease your pet grooming vehicle depending on what is best for you and your business.

It may be easier to finance or lease your pet grooming vehicle through our network of lenders or lessors since they and their regional credit offices are accustomed to Wag’n Tails mobile pet care vehicles. Ford Credit, Chrysler Capital, and Mercedes-Benz Financial Services are the most used lenders for Wag’n Tails pet grooming vehicles.

Lenders and lessors look at your credit score, debt-to-income ratio, credit history, and earnings potential. Wag’n Tails can be a helpful resource and facilitator for you in the application and approval process.

Congress recently passed a law to allow consumers to check their credit report annually at no charge. The website is located at, or you may call at (877) 322-8228.

It is a good idea to check your credit report every 12 months in order to make sure that creditors are reporting accurate information and to look for identity theft issues. There is a small fee to determine your actual credit score with the three credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and Transunion.

Most of our applicants qualify for financing or leasing, even as a start-up business. There is no cost or obligation to purchase a vehicle when you apply for credit. Applying simply lets you know where you stand. It also helps Wag’n Tails and you determine the best monthly payment options.

Click on the link below to start the pre-approval process:

Credit Application

Your monthly loan payment depends on the following factors: vehicle selection, interest rate, down payment amount, and term length of the loan. The only real way to determine your monthly loan payment is with a credit application and pre-approval.

If you are leasing a pet grooming vehicle, your monthly lease payment depends on unit selection, term length of the lease, and your city/state of residence. The only real way to determine your monthly lease payment is with a credit application and pre-approval.

Wag’n Tails manufactures pet grooming vehicles in Granger, Indiana, which is about 20 minutes east of South Bend, Indiana.

The nearest airport is South Bend International Airport (SBN). Most of our customers fly into South Bend or nearby Chicago, IL (Midway or O’Hare airports about 2-3 hours west).

Picking up your pet grooming vehicle in Granger gives you time to complete the vehicle orientation on maintenance and equipment operation. We also offer transportation/logistics services for delivery of your vehicle to you anywhere in the United States.

Please contact us ahead of time to get details for delivery.

Apply for affordable vehicle financing today!

Credit Application

“I have owned my Wag’n Tails Pet Stylist Elite for over two years. I have a waiting list of new clients and plan to buy my second Pet Stylist Elite this year. My Wag’n Tails vehicle conveys the professional image that clients appreciate and have come to expect from my premium at-home grooming service.”

Nicole Roma

“Being a mobile groomer is great for numerous reasons. Some of the top benefits for me are: setting my own hours, working when I want to, and making as much money as I need. Another big plus is that the Pet Stylist Elite is really fun to drive!”

Denise Davis

“There is life after the salon! My Wag’n Tails vehicle has proven to me that there is indeed life after the salon. I have rediscovered my craft in a relaxed and stress-free atmosphere, and I can now give my full attention to the pets in my care and their owners rather than to the ringing phones, client distractions, or daily commotion of a busy salon.”

Teri DiMarino

“When I was 19 years old, I told my parents that I wanted to be a dog groomer. They told me to go out and get a real job. Well, after 20 years in corporate accounting, I spent my bonus on grooming school and now I have my very own mobile pet grooming business. I guess that I finally have a ‘real job’. I wish that I had done it 20 years ago.”

Julie Beeman
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