The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Mobile Groomer in your life

By: Alyssa Gilbert, Content Creation Specialist at Wag’n Tails Mobile Conversions

Are you unsure of what gift to give to the mobile groomer in your life? Well, look no further! We’ve compiled a bulletproof list of ideas for you!

Many mobile groomers center their lives around their career, so what better gift could you give them than something they are so passionate about.

Giving a mobile groomer a practical gift that they can use in their daily routine can be very helpful to them, especially when it’s something they won’t have to buy or replace.

This also allows you (as the gift giver) to be more connected to the mobile groomer in your life and to better understand their job and daily tasks. They will be so grateful for a gift that they didn’t even think you knew anything about.

Let’s get into these ideas!

  1. Pay for their next service appointment

As mobile groomers they must maintain their vans, which includes normal upkeep. Prepaying for their next service appointment would be a huge relief for any mobile groomer. Servicing a van is not something a groomer likely looks forward to, but they might if they know they won’t have to pay for that service!

  1. Refill their go-to shampoo and conditioner

Groomers go through shampoo like crazy, their job is literary bathing and grooming dogs. Figuring out their favorite shampoo brand and ordering them bottles would be a huge help!

  1. Give them a custom apron

A part of their job is being covered in dog hair and dealing with wet dogs. Consider getting them a nice custom apron with their name or logo on it. As a groomer they want to look presentable to their customers and an apron with their name, logo, or business embroidered on it would bring another level of professionalism while looking good!

  1. Pet hair removal tools

Getting hair everywhere and wearing it leads us to the next idea- hair removal tools! Lint rollers can go a long way for clothes, and groomers can never have enough. Along with a pet hair detailer for their van, something like this.

  1. Dog accessories

When a groomer is done with their work and is preparing their furry customer to be returned, they often put a cute bandana or bow on the client. These final touches make the pet look extra cute and are loved by human owners. The drawback is sometimes these accessories can become costly. A subscription to DMK dog accessories would keep their clients looking stylish!

  1. Camera equipment

When a furry client is ready to be returned it’s common for a groomer to snap a picture to show off their work for social media.  Some groomers even enjoy vlogging or recording their grooms. Camera equipment can be a great gift for a mobile groomer. We recommend a small handheld camera that’s easy to use like this this. This is also great for a more budget friendly option.

  1. Gift cards, certificates, and memberships

Groomers can often be particular about the type of equipment they use. A gift card to Groomers Choice would allow for them to pick out any clippers, combs, blades, brushes, or anything a groomer would need.

Mobile groomers are always on the go as they are “mobile” gift cards to Starbucks so they can grab a coffee and use the restroom are essential. Along with gift cards to lunch places so they could grab a quick bite in between grooms.

Christmas time for a mobile groomer is one of the busiest times of the year. There is nothing a groomer wants to do more than relax after a long day. A massage certificate would be a relaxing experience that groomers could enjoy in their personal time.

For pet professionals tools are their livelihood, a mobile groomer can never have ENOUGH shears so a membership to the Zolitta Club can keep the groomer fully stocked.

  1. Portable speakers

If your mobile groomer doesn’t have a portable speaker yet, then that’s the gift to choose for them! This allows them to jam out to their own music all day long and will make the day go by quicker. Another perk is being able to move the speaker to anywhere in the van depending on where the groomer is working.

  1. Large umbrella

Rainy days for mobile groomers are the worst because of the transition in and out of the van from the home. A large umbrella to walk a well-groomed pet back to the client during rain showers would be especially helpful. No pet parent wants to receive a wet dog after paying for a beautiful groom and this will make the mobile groomer look great to their customers!

  1. Emergency medical kits

All Wag’n Tail vans come fully equipped with human and animal first aid kits, but a custom medicine kit might be helpful. This could include Tylenol, cold medicine, etc. This could be customizable to your mobile groomers’ needs. This would be a great tool for them to have on the go.

  1. Continuing education

An opportunity to continue education would be a great resource for a mobile groomer. Even the most experienced pet professionals can learn new things and this can be done through Super Styling Sessions TV, Learn2groomdogs, and more. 

12.    Snacks

Giving your mobile groomer their favorite snack variety is a way that can help get them through those long days on the road. Buying them snacks can keep their van supply stocked.

As the number one leader in the mobile grooming industry these are the gifts, we think would be great for the mobile groomer in your life based off our experiences. We hope this list leaves you with tons of ideas!





Jason Mills