The Wag’n Tails CleanPower System™ is Simple, Powerful and Smart

Say goodbye to your old generator and say hello to the game-changing power solution from Wag’n Tails – the Clean Power System™.

The CleanPower System™ is a blend of innovation and practicality; designed to take your mobile pet grooming game to the next level, with no idling required and no generator.

The heart of this system is a compact, lightweight 1,200-amp lithium-ion battery pack.

The CleanPower System™ only weighs 280 pounds, and this power pack is a beast, providing all the energy your grooming van needs to run the K9II variable speed dryer, central vac, Mini Clipper vac, clippers and the electric table all day. And you’ll always know the current power status with the monitor panel.

The CleanPower System™ comes with a 15,000 BTU air conditioner and dual 3000-watt inverters, which converts DC power from the battery pack to AC power to keep your appliances humming along.

The best part is, the CleanPower System™ is available on all of our grooming vans.

Why choose the Clean Power System™?

Because it’s simple.

You just plug it in overnight and you’re all set for a full day of grooming. No engine idling required.

Because it’s powerful.

Keeping your salon’s air conditioner and appliances running smoothly all day.

And, because it’s smart.

Charging itself throughout the day with the alternator and two roof-mounted solar panels, saving you on fuel costs.

What about lifespan?

The lithium battery pack offers up to 3,000 complete charge and discharge cycles – that’s an expected lifespan of 10 to 13 years based on average use.

That’s three times longer than traditional lead acid batteries.

We also offer a five-year replacement warranty on the battery pack, which includes free shipping for a new battery pack and return shipping on the used pack.

The Clean Power System™ slashes your annual operation costs to an estimated $662. When compared to $6,450 for a generator-based system, the CleanPower System™ quickly becomes a smart financial investment.

Revolutionize your mobile grooming business, with the Wag’n Tails CleanPower System™.

You’ll be simplifying your operations, boosting your productivity, and drastically cutting down your operational costs.

If you’re ready to take the leap, give us a call at 800-513-0304 or email us at

Sarah Gray