Tips for Mobile Grooming for a Cause

By: Alyssa Gilbert, Content Creation Specialist at Wag’n Tails Mobile Conversions

Congrats on signing up for Mobile Grooming for Cause! If you haven’t started grooming yet (or even if you have) here are a few helpful tips to make it an amazing experience for you, the shelter, and the dog.  

Before you start this process, we recommend setting a goal for yourself of how many dogs you would like to groom throughout the month. This goal should be based off your schedule. We hope this goal is a motivator for you. If you can’t accomplish it at the end of the day at least you were able to help groom some shelter dogs! 

Next, we recommend contacting a shelter before dropping into groom dogs. Explain your purpose for coming and explain the mobile grooming process. Once you have found a shelter to work with then book a date/time. 

When at the shelter be open-minded to the dogs you’re about to groom; these may not be the typical dogs you’re used to. Many shelters may also want to pick the dogs out for you due to safety concerns. From our experience there weren’t many dogs that had coats to groom so many of the grooms we did just consist of a bath, ear cleaning and nail trim. 

While you have these dogs in your possession give them some extra love and attention as they likely don’t receive much. Many shelters can’t give tons of extra attention to each dog due to the high number of dogs at shelters.  

As you would any dog, get to know them, these dogs may be timid. We strongly encourage feeling out the dog’s behavior and taking your time. Some of the dogs may do better with an air or towel dry rather than a blow dy. We caution you not to do anything that may cause extra stress for the dog. 

When the groom is done be proud of your work and take photos, post them on your social media. Show your clients how you give back to your community. This is also a great way to show off these dogs to help them get adopted.  

Saying goodbye to the dog is the hardest part but you can leave the shelter knowing that you’re making a difference!  

Jason Mills