Crunching the Numbers

How do I make a profit in
a Wag’n Tails van?

Estimated Monthly Overhead: Ultra Groom Van

Accountant Speak
Groomer Speak
Vehicle and Generator Fuel $395
5.3 Dogs
Vehicle & Business Insurance $200
2.7 Dogs
Wag’n Tails Ultra Groom Van Payment $1,250
16.7 Dogs
Supplies (after initial purchase) $80
1.1 Dogs
Maintenance (oil changes, etc) $100
1.3 Dogs
Phone (business line or cell) $100
1.3 Dogs
28 Dogs

Gross Monthly Income

Averaging only 6 dogs per day at $75 per dog, and working 5 days per week(22 day month), you will be generating $9,900 per month or $118,800 annually. Subtract your overhead and your gross profit would be $7,755 per month or $93,300 per year plus tips!

Are you making this income right now? Are you setting your own hours?

You could be!

Can you groom 31 dogs in a month, at an average of $75 per dog?

You only have to groom 1.3 dogs per day to break even.
Every dog you do beyond that goes straight to your bottom line!

Wag’n Tails Benefits

  • No Franchise Contracts, Franchise Fees or Royalty Fees
  • Control Your Own Business and Brand
  • No Commercial Real Estate
  • Minimal Capital Investment
  • No Inventory
  • High Client Retention
  • Low Advertising Costs
  • Vehicle is a Tangible Asset in Your Business